SCOOP Rx Template

To facilitate the writing of a precise order for home therapy with transtracheal oxygen, a partly completed SCOOP version of the Medicare Home Oxygen Therapy Order (6/18 Draft Template v4.2) is now available (» SCOOP Rx Template)The specific wording in the order is intended to minimize potential problems for patients in getting timely replacement of transtracheal supplies. While the pdf viewers in all browsers permit the form to be completed online, Chrome and FireFox can be configured to allow filling, signing, printing and saving a pdf document within the browser using free Acrobat Reader DC.  

Links to (Medicare) Resources document ICN 908804 reviewing Federal Home Oxygen Therapy guidelines (» ICN 908804)

DMEPOS Fee Schedule Categories, Ch. 5, p.10 (Spring 2019) (» CMS Pub 100-04) Certificate of Medical Necessity, Oxygen (» CMS 484.5) 6/19/2018 four-page draft template for prescribing oxygen (» Medicare Rx Template) 

How to file a complaint with Medicare about an oxygen supplier (» Complaint)

The ITOT Manual for Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy and ITOT Technical Bulletins

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(Readers are encouraged to read ITOT Technical Bulletin 3: Patient Selection Tips when Getting Started)

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SCOOP catheters, hoses and cleaning kits are included in oxygen supplier's global Medicare reimbursement

SCOOP works especially well with pulse delivery devices including portable oxygen concentrators

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