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     Transtracheal Oxgyen Therapy Journal Articles & Abstracts     Transtracheal O2 References (pdf)
     Nocturnal Oxygen Therapy Trial (NOTT)     Annals of Internal Medicine (pdf)
     Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy
    CHEST: Topics in Practice Mgmt (pdf)
     Pulse Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy (Abstract)     CHEST Abstract: Pulse TTO2 (pdf)
     The ITOT Manual for Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy     The ITOT Manual (pdf)
     Determination of Tract Maturity and Avoidance of Lost Tracts     ITOT Technical Bulletin 1 (pdf)
     SCOOP C A R E and the Role of the Respiratory Therapist     ITOT Technical Bulletin 2 (pdf)
     Patient Selection Tips when Getting Started     ITOT Technical Bulletin 3 (pdf)
     Current Humidifier Guidelines and Avoidance of Mucus Balls     ITOT Technical Bulletin 4 (pdf)
     Alternative SCOOP Cleaning Routines      ITOT Technical Bulletin 5 (pdf)
     The Phase IV Trial Period      ITOT Technical Bulletin 6 (pdf)
     Mucus Ball Management During Phase III      ITOT Technical Bulletin 7 (pdf)
     Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy: State-of-the-Art Program Summary      ITOT Technical Bulletin 8 (pdf)
     Clinical Options for MiniTracheotomy     ITOT Technical Bulletin 9 (pdf)
     Adventures of an Oxy-Phile2
     Medicare Home Oxygen Therapy Guidelines  (October 2017)     ICN 908804 (pdf)
     Medicare Certificate of Medical Necessity, Oxygen     CMS 484 (pdf)
     Medicare Home Oxygen Therapy Order Template  (6/19/2018)     Medicare Rx Template (pdf)
     SCOOP Rx Template (editable in Word)     SCOOP Rx Template (docx)
     SCOOP Rx Template (Adobe Acrobat version)     SCOOP Rx Template (pdf)