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Alpha-1 Advocacy Alliance

The Alpha-1 Advocacy Alliance is a non-profit membership organization that provides support, information and education to the Alpha-1 community.

Breathing Better, Living Well !

This website - first and foremost - provides for you basic information about pulmonary disease. It also addresses many of the emotional issues often encountered in life with chronic lung disease. Knowing that other people share similar concerns and feelings can be very helpful in coping with changes in your life. To this end, in addition to providing access to important information about taking care of your lungs, BBLW also offers a forum for the community of pulmonary patients to share their stories and experiences in order to express their thoughts, and also to enrich the lives of others.

Our mission is to assist friends with chronic lung disease in maintaining their health to the greatest degree possible and inspire them to live life as fully and joyfully as they can.

Caire, Inc.

CAIRE, Inc. is the leading respiratory care products provider for the home health care market manufacturing a full line of Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs and Liquid Oxygen Portables. CAIRE combines product expertise and consulting to bring a unique approach to the home respiratory and long-term care market.

COPD Digest

Published by the COPD Foundation, the COPD Digest is the only publication of its kind. Patients, family members, friends, physicians, researchers, and policy makers will find the COPD Digest a valuable resource.

LTOT Network

The format and function of the LTOTNet site is ideal for the communication of issues related to LTOT and the approach is similar to all the LTOT consensus conferences. The site is intended to link all interested parties in LTOT to the resources available for the specific topic.


Visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for information about mesothelioma and other illnesses that require the use of supplemental oxygen or may benefit from oxygen therapy.

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc,

NeilMed is the manufacturer of our saline cleaning solution. They provide quality respiratory care, eye care, cough and cold, and wound care products throughout the country and around the globe.

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The National Home Oxygen Patient's Association

The NHOPA was established in the late 1990s, devoted exclusively to improving the lives of people across the country who require supplementary oxygen on a regular basis.

The Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation

PERF is a small but vigorous non-profit foundation. We are dedicated to providing help for those with chronic respiratory disease through education, research and information.

The Pulmonary Paper

The Pulmonary Paper is a way for people to support each other and keep up on the latest news in respiratory care treatments and products.