Our goal at Transtracheal Systems is to develop and manufacture innovative respiratory therapy products that advance medical therapy for persons requiring continuous supplemental oxygen. We design our products around a simple but important ideal:

Increase the effectiveness of oxygen therapy and provide the opportunity for more patient freedom, activity and confidence while at the same time reducing the cost of oxygen therapy.

T-10 Procedure Tray

T-9 Procedure Tray

Single Pack Catheter (1 each)

Two Pack Catheter (2 each)

TTO Oxygen Supply Hose

CK-6   Cleaning Kit

BCL-20-10   Bead Chain with Lobster Claw Clasp

BC-20-20   Bead Chain with Barrel Clasp 

WG35-2   Wire Guide

R-11-5   Cleaning Kit

SAT-10   Adapt-A-Trach

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