I'm having trouble getting my supplies!

Changes in Medicare reimbursement over the past several years have caused many home care providers to streamline their overall operations. Unfortunately, because of the resultant changes in business practice, some patients have found it difficult to obtain their TTO oxygen supplies. If this has happened to you, please let us know. We will do what we can to ensure that you have access to transtracheal oxygen supplies. SCOOP transtracheal oxygen products are a covered CMS (Medicare) benefit under Federal Home Oxygen Therapy guidelines published within document ICN 908804.


Phone: 303-790-4766  or  800-527-2667

For your information, Transtracheal Technologies does not withhold shipment from home care companies. Even where a home care supply company may not have an established account or an account in good standing with Transtracheal Technologies, the supplier can always receive product by accepting shipment C.O.D.

Please also be advised that when your physician prescribes transtracheal oxygen therapy, current Medicare law dictates that any home care provider that accepts Medicare assignment is obligated to honor that prescription and to provide you with your TTO supplies, as dictated by the prescription and FDA approved protocols, at no additional cost to you. Your SCOOP Transtracheal Oxygen products are an integral part of your oxygen therapy. If you are experiencing difficulties, please allow us to help.